Jordon Baade •

Ditch WordPress and Save the World

The funny thing is I wrote this in WordPress so it does have a use. I really only want it for the great Yoast SEO tips, but I think most should ditch WordPress to run their website.

Don't get me wrong, because I don't think it is criminal to use it. However, I do think site owners could benefit from avoiding it and that we'd reduce our global energy use if most sites went static.

I'm a true web head; I love fast sites that are affordable and secure. WordPress lends itself to "ease" at the cost of all three. Most of the time I feel like it just makes it easy to make bad sites.

Every page of your WordPress website requires a database call. You almost can't avoid plugins that make your site slow. You definitely won't find a lot of effective use of caching either, and all this wastes resources and adds to the steep costs to running WordPress.

At the time of writing this, WordPress claims to power 36 percent of the web. Many millions of websites. Most of those are basic sites whose site owners end up paying someone else to manage. I think it makes a lot more sense for those sites to be static or at least heavily optimized in those cases.

Like WordPress for writing? You could use it for your static site's content management and as a result reduce your energy footprint and costs. That's a post for later though. I promise content management with static sites does not have to be hard.

What do you think?

Have you recently ditched WordPress or have a favorite static site generator you want to share? Mine is Tighten's Jigsaw. Tweet me @jordonbaade and let me know if you're ready to ditch WordPress!